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Valentine’s Day 2016 Menu - Valentines 2016
Wednesday Specials February 10 - Wednesday Lunch Special! Vegetable Coconut Curry over Rice Lightly spicy and loaded with fresh veggies, this curry will warm you up from the inside out! #plantstrong #coconut #curry           Soup du Jour: Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili                 This soup is the perfect balance […]
Monday Feb 1 - Monday Specials: Zucchini Fritters, served with a Mediterranean side salad and Dijon Cream Cheese Sauce #vegetarian #plantstrong #mondayfavorite                 Soup du Jour: Tomato Basil                 You could call ahead a fresh pressed juice or smoothie to get your immune system boosted […]
Sunday Jan 31 - Sunday Specials! Brunch: Quiche Plate We will post the quiche fillings of the day as soon as we decide what we are making. Served with two sides, such as fruit and a muffin, or soup and salad #brunch #quiche                 Soup du Jour: Butternut Squash Bisque     […]
Saturday Jan 30 - Saturday Specials! Brunch: Pumpkin Spice French Toast Topped with pumpkin seeds and powdered sugar, served with two breakfast sides #pumpkinspice                 Soup du Jour: Ham & Pea Soup #soulfood #peasplease           Dinner: Coconut Butternut Curry over Quinoa #glutenfree #plantstrong #coconut
Friday Jan 29 - Lunch: Sweet Potato Cornbread with Chicken Chili #glutenfree #comfortfood #chili                 Soups du Jour: Chicken Chili and Country Vegetable                 Dinner: Vegetarian Lasagna #lasangafriday  
Thursday Jan 28 - Lunch: Green Goddess Grilled Cheese: pesto, spinach, avocado, goat cheese, and provolone- truly the queen of grilled cheeses #melt #grilledcheese         Soup du Jour: Vegan Pumpkin Chili This soup is just the right amount of spicy to balance out the sweet from the pumpkin #pumpkin #vegan #chili #fireitup Dinner: Black Bean Sweet Potato Quesadillas […]
Wednesday Jan 27 - Wednesday Lunch Special! Mexican Quinoa (quinoa cooked in taco spices with black beans, corn, peppers, tomatoes, and avocado) served over mixed greens with creamy avocado ranch #plantstrong #quinoa #texmex               Soup du Jour: Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup
Tuesday Jan 26 - Specials: Mozzarella Quinoa Burgers: infused with mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, and basil, served on whole wheat bun with a side #quinoa #vegetarian                 Soup du Jour: Cream of Wild Mushroom
Monday January 11 - Monday Zucchini Fritters with Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup!   If you had time to make this for yourself for lunch today, with the dijon cheese sauce and all, you would! But since you probably don’t, we will cook for you!   Come on in and enjoy a nice treat. It’s Monday after all. Cristi is […]